• 2 weeks ago

listen to John Foley’s Come to the Water. let yourself go, being still. anything you yearn for, tell him. feel his peace and listen when he speaks to you. you will see only when your heart is still. you’re broken without God. still your soul. go ahead and be a child on God’s lap.

when you read, don’t debate about which passages are correct. that is a fool’s pride rearing it’s ugly head. don’t analyze and judge what others go through, you don’t know their path. show up when you meet someone. let them in, let them fill you. God may have brought them to you. pray for them. God will give you faith, you can’t decipher or read to learn about it. when you are really broken down, he will be your only option left. your brokenness is God calling you to him. you are chosen. God must descend onto your soul, you cannot study and learn him from a book.

listen to Lay Your Hands by Jean Ann and Joe Hand.

i prayed for you monkey butt.