• 4 weeks ago

I was wondering where Knicci had gotten to. It had been over an hour since the B.J. she had given me to “tide me over” and she took off with her friend Cheryl saying they were going to pee. It is my land so when I couldn’t find her pretty quick, I had a thought. Up a path to the back 40 I saw some dim light from the “big barn” and peeked into its only window. The first I saw was Cheryl getting spit roasted by two guys. Then my almost naked Knicci sucking some other guy, and 2 other guys standing around her pretty face wanking their cranks. I knew better than to have an open but limited invite party. I figured that I could handle this little situation myself. I walked in through the quiet, well oiled swing door and drew my pistol. “Guys finish up! Ladies let them finish! I promise that I wont watch.” Needless to say everyone freaked. The long hair with his hands on Cheryl’s hips took it in, then said “Almost done boss” and started humping her again. Both girls, as well as the guys looked surprised. “Fellas finish up with your women and call it a night, it’s party time but I don’t wanna see any keg cups or condoms in here tomorrow GOT IT!!!” And I left. I was soooo glad for self control. By the time Knicci found me 80% of her shit was in her luggage by her Honda in the garage. And that was all. I’ve been tested a thousand times and so far so good. Yea it was a bad but total break. Fuck her slut self. She’s toast after 7 months.