• 6 days ago

I have long had a fantasy about going down on my wife and licking up her creampie after she has had sex with either another guy or me. I really would like to savor the taste of consummated lust. She’s a kinky gal, but I don’t dare let on that I’m interested in doing this on the chance that she’ll think it’s bisexual or gay in nature because she is very homo/bi-phobic.

So, I devised a solution. After masturbating recently, I saved the jizz in a little plastic pouch and hid it in the freezer. Later that night, when were about to get busy, I grabbed that pouch and stuck a couple of fingers in it, allowing them to become coated with the melting cum. I blew them dry and then headed to the bedroom. When I started fingering her, I could feel the dried jizz reconstituting in her pussy juice. And then…I went down. It was incredible, imagining that I was down there lapping up her freshly pleasured pussy and tasting her pussy juice mingled with sperm. But I didn’t get to do it for long since she wanted to get pounded. Yea, call me sick. And then fuck off, because it was hot as hell. I’m going to do it again for sure. In fact, I just made a new pouch of jizz and placed it in the freezer.