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I came home early a month ago and found my daughter on the couch making out with a boy. She is 14 now and I guessed that he was at least a couple of years older. With her being nearly topless the kid couldn’t figure out whether to grope her bare breasts, her crotch or to keep trying to further open his pants. I watched long enough to get upset and a little turned on. “Are you having fun yet?” The kid jumped up looking scared. Like he saw the gun that would end his life. My daughter, who is pretty like her mother was, lay there for a second in shock. Her nicely shaped and sized tits still bare and enticing to look at. The top of her jeans were unbuttoned but not open. The kid was scrambling to close his pants. I didn’t have a gun but he still looked as if I did. A good looking kid who I found out was David *****, 17, apologetic, and had no condoms. Kelly realized her state of dress and began to compose herself. “Dad! what are you doing here! Um we weren’t doing anything! Pulling on her shirt. “Oh my god!!” The kid saw me point to the door and split carrying his shoes without a look nor a word to Kelly. “Wait! David wait!” She made a move to stand. “Sit!” I ordered, “And close your pants!” I watched the kid get into A newer Camaro down the road and drive off in a hurry. “Dad! I’m sorry! let me explain please, we weren’t doing anything!” I stood in front of her and opened my own jeans. “What are you doing? Why are you doing that?!” I pulled out my soft dick and wagged it around to her very wide open and pretty green eyes. “Have you ever sucked on a dick before Pepper?” A nick name from years ago. “What!!? NO!! I’ve never even seen a… a dick before! You know that!” “Suck on mine.” She argued against it.” Watching with rapt attention as I was growing in length and girth, waving it around like a flag. “Suck on my cock Kelly. I’m going to teach you about sex more than we’ve talked about it before. She slowly learned, and long before I would climax I undressed her, then had her undress me. In my marriage bed she sucked me more and watched me squirt with excited eyes and an open mouth. I made love to her for a long long time. I fucked her in every position and every hole. Gently and roughly. Finding out what she liked. Spanking and licking and biting. Making her please me. She never met with that kid again. So far we are still very happy sexually and as father and daughter, and a lot more close personally.