• 4 weeks ago

I have decided to unleash him on me 🙂
The last 2 months I have been telling him he could play with me anytime he wanted, one day when he was getting ready to go to some ware I said too bad you have to go and can’t stay home and fuck me all day and I flashed him a few times, thought he would get the idea..
Nope guess I had to come right out and tell him he can touch me as often as he wants so he told me guess you should stop wearing underwear then unless you want them ruined all the time.. Smile

I told him I would let him know if it gets to be too much and I need a break from it, going to see who reaches the breaking point first he thinks I will we shell see just a few more days till ugly friend goes away and we can start, almost came just thinking about it last night..
Awesome wife awesome life