• 2 weeks ago

I received a survey from dermatologist’s office after my annual skin cancer check up. I gave her high marks in every category, as she does a good job. But I said I thought she could be more thorough, and cited a couple article that mentioned how they ought to be checking ALL your skin, everywhere – literally everywhere. Skin cancer can occur on skin that is never exposed to sun – did you know that? Well, after that survey … I had my annual appointment this year and well, “message received.” The nurse asked me to take off ALL my clothes, the doctor came in with an assistant “to observe” and they examined every single inch of me! They looked at me with a magnifying glass lighted-thing – from my ears to my nose to my pubic hair, penis, scrotum, and anus! And of course, all the other areas – arms, legs, back, chest, etc. But wow, they were “thorough” – and although embarrassing, I confess I liked it! Not only from a “perverted viewpoint” haha – but seriously, it’s important to be checked out. Did you know Bob Marley died of skin cancer on the bottom of his foot? As an article I read indicated “if your dermatologist isn’t examining ALL your skin (including your genitals and anus!), you’re not getting a full skin check.

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