• 2 weeks ago

how i know i got maiesiophilia

i remember doing a double take at a local mall (closed in 2017), when i was just 12, i saw in a window poster at a maternity shop of a pregnant lady in her bra, and big maternity panties stretched up high over baby bump, movely smile and sexy slim legs too, she looked 6 or so months pregnant, i got all throbbing nice and hard, cuz she showed so very little of her tummy between her high waisted panties, and bra! i don’t think anybody there knew i got hard, i had on a big huge oversized tee shirt, then i found a restroom, lucky me it was a private one, one toilet one sink, and locking door, that was when i some real fun began, i pulled off my shirt, so all i’d had on was my little speedo, it made my dick hard anyway, and i didn’t even have to jerk off, especially as thinking about that pregnant lady in her big panties made me cum big time in my speedo, i cleaned up after myself, snuck out the back way, and walked straight home, lucky me, i was by myself when i got home. just then, my dad called, he’d be home very late, i thought cool, i stayed in my speedo and looked at more big maternity panties on line, made me hard in my speedo too! that night i went to bed in just my speedo, later on, i’d woke up to having a wet dream all over my speedo, because that afternoon i set up my computer screen in my room to show off this smiling blond pregnant lady, 5 months, in bra and maternity panties stretched over her cantaloupe size baby bump, the screen was still on when i woke up all cumstained! That’s how i got maiesiophilia, and my dad never even knew.

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