• 2 weeks ago

My sister got wasted last night since our parents weren’t home and she found out that afternoon that her girl friend cheated on her with a guy. I’m 17 and she’s 15 and has never had a boyfriend. She pretends she likes boys but she was way way back in the closet. So last night I was her shoulder to cry on. I made sure that her glass was full and kept holding her and stroking her hair and body. I have always wanted my pretty sister and even suggested that we hook up about a month into the lock down. I hadn’t been with my girl for all this time but for one quickie because her parents were paranoid. My sister really appreciated the thought and loved me enough to do it with me but she was in her 2+ year committed relationship with Jackie her lesbian lover. I was happy to help her to bed and undress her cause “I’m to drunk” she said. I got aroused and she noticed my hard on. She begged me to sleep with her. Our folks wouldn’t be back until tomorrow so I got undressed, she tried to check me out but passed out in three minutes. I got my camera and took lots of pictures of her lovely body. With and without my cock in her mouth, and at the openings of her other two holes. It looked like we were fucking but her hymen was still intact. I guess they had never really fucked each other with anything. I loved her to much to rape her but I did enjoy her breasts and eating her tasty little pussy. She finally got up near 11. Over coffee and toast she asked if we had sex. I told her I couldn’t take advantage of her like that. She said that she felt like nothing happened but wanted to be sure. I told her that I hadn’t even rubbed off looking at her and taking pictures of her. She wanted to see them, suddenly alert and sober. I showed her some that were more artistic than graphic, none with my cock in them. She went to shower. When she came back she was practically nude and snuggled into me on the couch. We made love for hours. She gave me her virginity. We’ve been together since.

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