• 4 months ago

I had watched for a week not positive that I could go through with it. Last Friday I did.
She was about 5 feet tall, small framed with little tits and gently curved hips. Maybe 13 and at the beginning of womanhood. I half carried/half ran her off the path. She passed out with the chloroform I held, on a rag, over her face and lay her down far from the path where we wouldn’t be seen. She was pretty, dirty blonde, and mine for now. I didn’t waste time. It saved time since today she was wearing a skirt instead of jeans or shorts. For about 30 minutes I licked,sucked,felt,fondled and fucked her sweet young body. I took one final pic with my phone and left her like the coward rapist I was. I had cum in two of her three holes that I had repeatedly penetrated.