• 6 days ago

Corvallus here and I hate niggers in general but especially the Prestonian! This nigger has been a thorn in my side for a year now. I think he’s a biavian from the planet of Tan here to harass me and block the biggest blackest boners from entering my cosmic, um backsnatch. I once offered to “drain his balls and fill his belly” if he stopped the harassment but he hasn’t, you can imagine that on a diet of watermelon fried fish, chicken and grape soda your cognitive abilities are not the best.

I once sucked off Richard Roundtree at a downlow black club in Orlando. Nice thick tall can shaped cock, delicious leche de negro and a fragrant and bristly bush. I was in heaven! Old boy hadn’t been serviced in awhile and it hit like a shotgun blast. He said “I don’t usually nut from head” and I said “that’s the Corvallus Difference ®, you’re my chorizo amigo, negro!”

I’m so drunk today.

Corvallus Winslow III

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