• 2 weeks ago

I’m 19 but when I was 15 I stayed over at my cousin Ricky’s house and that night we got on his family computer in the main room and he showed me real pron for the first time. We watched it for a while and i had to hide a boner that was a out to pop out of my sweat pants the whole time, and i actually saw Ricky stroking his cock when he was sitting next to me and could see his cock swollen in his pants. His mom came down and shut things down and made us go to bed, so we had a big air mattress that we were camping on that night in the room. She turned the lights off and instantly I was hard again and could sense that Ricky was pulling his pants off. I was laying facing away from him but did the same and pulled my pants off and felt this incredible urge to push my butt over to his side. I was super horney and was lying naked with my butt stuck out and wishing I could feel what I saw earlier when I saw him. Ricky put his hand on my hip and slid the tip of his cock up against my butthole amd i could feel the length of his cock between my cheeks. He made a little sighing sound as I gave in and squeezed his hard cock between my bare butt cheeks. He pushed in hard twice but didn’t really get anywhere before i heard him groan and felt his hot cum shoot all up against my butthole. He rolled over and we didn’t talk about it ever again. I hope he didn’t hear me stroking my cock with his cum right after and unloading back into my sweatpants.

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