• 4 weeks ago

i am a married man and have been having an awesome sexual affair with my older widowed neighbor for the past few months and i have been wanting to tell her i am bisexual but not really sure how she would react because she is still very old fashioned in ways but this morning i thought i would just show her. her bedroom window in next to mine and i invited a man i had sex with a few weeks ago over to my house after my wife went to work. i left the curtain open just enough and as he was starting to have anal i looked up and seen her watching having a cigarette. i dont think he noticed but it should be interesting what she says or does next time i see her. but i seen her close her curtain while he was fucking me. my wife accepts it and i hope she does. she has opened up to me about alot of sexual things and its been killing me not to tell her.

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