• 4 weeks ago

escaping the monarchy uk cira 2020 chapter 1 piss palace
hasbeen and megain leave through the front door. after years of the family mistaking hasbeen as a hunting dog shitting on the floor and chasing and begging for any attention at all, all it took was for nowillpower and seethrough kook to shoot a bullet into the sky and create a diversion in the yard for two dumbs to walk away.

princess trannie and queen lickbit and prince fooloop had a morning canter on the merry go round again. while prince droopy draws and fudgie bottom tried to stiir a new scam of unused story books for toilet paper during covid. all was well, chuck and di-hard were over and silly milly was to lead to the throne and no one saw fartchie the fake doll setting land mines in porgies pants as a farewell gift.

part 2 coming soon.

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