• 2 months ago

Corvallus in da mfing house my nizzles with those black jizzlesticks. My friends say ever since I hooked up with da Prestonian I be acting and talking black like Napoleon Dynamites brother but dat shit ain’t Tru.

I always loved hip hop like Will Smith and other clean positive feel good rappers. I’m working on some raps to share with my Simply Confess fam but all I got so far is this:

Prestonian is my nigger with the bigger
You know how to rock
my world
you cheap no tipping motherfucker
Unload your black leche in my mouth
drop a load in my hairy backsnatch!

Peace out 5000!

I love you Prestonian, the Manzoneer ✌🏿

——- MC Corvallus

Simply Confess