• 3 days ago

This lockdown has been the most amazing 8 weeks of my life. My name is Rachel and I am a professional house sitter. People with ro much money pay me to stay in their houses while they go away on expensive holidays.
When it started I was doing a two week stint in Christchurch,Dorset,England while the owners went to New Zealand, and because they can’t get home I am still here!
It’s been amazing because the weather has been nearly perfect for all that time and the house is just beautiful and so private and it’s got a big garden and a jacuzzi and everything and I have been naked most of the time.
I just love being in somebody else’s place stark naked. I have sat on every chair ,slept in every bed and even had a pee in the sitting room (into a bucket of course)
The garden is the best place though. There is nothing like getting up on a sunny day, going into the master bedroom suite and having a shower and then walking around the garden, it’s just amazing.
I like to lay in the sun in the afternoon and play with myself until I cum.
They are hoping to be home soon so all good things come to an end but it has been a time I will never forget. xx

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