• 6 days ago

Neighbor friend had to leave town for a funeral . And couldn’t take their lab. Very frisky and friendly. Trying to learn his behaviors. There would be days he would just sit and stare. Thinking he wanted out . Took him out side after returning it was like ok back to the same spot and stared. Well thinking ok it’s play time. Gotten on the floor on all fours and started playing . Play time turned into wanting to check me out and lots of sniffing between my legs. I’m thinking mmmm been two months for that kind of activity. I’d give it a try. Slid my pants and under ware off . Laid on the floor and spread my legs open. Sure enough he went down on me and started licking . Sure felt great and my pussy exploded with wetness. I read stories about women and dog sex . I looked around and checked out his cock . Not knowing much about the topic . I seen his cock hanging out. Might have been about three inches. Ok I’ve had larger ! This guy will fit . I placed a pillow under me to raise my body up. Then re-invited him back and pulled him up in place. I felt his cock slide in . Then oh my god . Once fully inside me , That little cock wasn’t little. I felt it grow . Then he started humping me. Finally he released and I felt it. Thinking he was finished I was wrong . He stopped humping Felt his cock pulsating in my pussy , Felt so good. Finally he pulled out . I had to look and see that huge cock that filled my body . Holy shit couldn’t believe that cock was inside me. He then walked around me and returned sniffing me all over. Then once again licked my soaked worn filled cream pie pussy. While i Massaged my breasts.

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