• 1 week ago

Continuation of the woman post: Correction: no one should FEEL like they need makeup. That is precisely what is wrong with this modern age. We are constantly bombarded of what we SHOULD be. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Fuck what people think. And I suppose online dating is stupid af because everyone judges everyone else on how they look despite what they say. Fyi, I’m actually a really attractive Korean chick, 25 years old, sick of society though and am against taking those 1 in a million selfies for validation. I use zero filter, etc. I eat what I want. Eat whatever the fuck, don’t starve yourself, stop COMPARING ffs. I’m SICK of modern day society. Everyone I meet irl who I like (which is rare, I’m an introvert) is taken. And I have standards. Work on yourself. That’s hot. Currently happily single for the first time in my life. Always chased relationships. Kind of feeling it again after a year but sticking to being single. Fuck it.

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