• 1 week ago

Corvallus here to report that I FINALLY took a trip up to Alabama to find out what all the fuss is about with the Prestonian/ALABAMA SLAMMER and I’m happy to report that the Manzoneer (my nickname for him) is large and in charge, black and beautiful.

Old boy slammed my lily white backsnatch at a cheap motel 6 (he is a cheapskate, that part is true) all night long (all night). In person however he is more soft-spoken and kind than his persona on here and only talks that powerdaddy racist stuff when he’s horny. I brought my pig sweat poppers and told Prestonian to knock himself out and he seemed to enjoy himself. After sex he ate two big buford burgers (from Rally’s, “my favorite place” he said), bent over and farted like a fog horn then fell asleep gently whimpering every so often. I held him all night.

It was a beautiful night with two men making love in the Alabama moonlight without judgment condoms or racial pretense. I was his white bitch and he was my black dick daddy.

I ❤️ U Prestonian,

Corvallus B Winslow III

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