• 1 week ago

I was having drinks with a girlfriend at a bar in North Beach SF. I thought the bartender was cute— I flirted and told him after he closed up to come meet us across the street at the bar that stayed open later. Fast forwarded an hour or so— he showed up! My friend got the hint and left us alone. I invited him back to my place a couple blocks away. We sipped port on my rooftop and the sexual chemistry was palpable. We both knew what was about to happen. We went back inside my apartment and RIGHT as we were about to kiss, he stops and says “I’m so sorry. I have a girlfriend. I should have said something sooner”….!!!!!!!
I was SO wet already and SO turned on and I could just turn it off. I showed disappointment on my face briefly, then quickly realized I have the upper hand here. With a smile, I said “that’s too bad. I am really attracted to you and was hoping to fool around with you. But since YOU can’t…. I’m just going to fool around with myself… and idk if it’s ok with you or not, but it would turn me on if you would stay and watch.” He said, “what would that look like?”
I leaned back on the couch and began twisting my nipples thru my shirt. My right hand slide down my stomach and into my jeans and massaged between my legs. I pulled my shirt up exposing my see-thru bra and alternated pulling on my nipples. I stood up from the couch and unbuttoned, unzipped and slowly pulled down my pants to my ankles. I laid back on the couch on my back and continued to rub myself thru my thin panties. I was sure he could see wetness on my panties. I didn’t care. I moved my panties to the side and slide one finger inside. Then two. I started slowly, then picked up speed. The whole time he stared at me with his jaw ajar. Not moving. Not touching me, not touching himself.
It felt so good. I was sO turned on. I pounded my fingers into me so fast and so hard that I squirted on my couch in his direction. Twice.
Afterwards, I walked him to the door in my tank top only and shook his hand goodnight. Never saw him again.

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