• 1 week ago

The Prestonian here and I’m looking for a damn blowjob in the Alabama area. You must be white, not a damn racist and ready to drain a few big nigger balls like the good white BITCH that you are. I ain’t gay I just like whites serving me so don’t try no gay kissing or fooling with my butthole!

Also I don’t like leaving tips or paying for shit! The other day I told a waiter (fag) that if he didn’t go around back and drain my balls I’d tell his manager and the local newspaper he called me a cheapskate nigger (I didn’t want to pay for the food I ate 80% of). Sure nuff he was behind that restaurant servicing the Prestonian after that and I told him I’d leave a $10 tip and I did (10 minus 9 that is!)

Fuck you honky!!!!

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