• 1 week ago

My wife doesn’t work and I work nights. Our neighbors, who are real good friends of ours, have a three year old daughter that my wife babysits a few hours a couple days a week. Occasionally, when the little girl (Marcy) is asleep my wife will go to the store and leave her for me too watch. I use the opportunity to have fun with Marcy’s hot little body. I kiss her lips then pull her training diaper down just enough to eat her pussy and give her a rim job. I take care not to penetrate her sweet little pussy. I just lick her enough to get a good taste, but I do stick my tongue as far up her little ass as possible while jacking off. There is nothing like the taste of three year old pussy and ass hole. Some of you who are going to bitch and whine are just jealous. Don’t knock it until you try it.

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