• 2 weeks ago

Long day yesterday at work, Coworker offered a place to crash at his place. Since I had a 40 mile drive home. I replied sure. This morning half asleep and forgetting where I was at . While in the bathroom and forgetting to lock the door. His mother walked in on me. I’m standing there with my dick in my hand pissing . She looks at my dick and says very nice . Almost speechless I replied thanks. Gives me a smile. Thinking she would leave ? She looked out the door and looked around . Turned back and locked the door . Walked up and removed my hand with her’s . Slowly stroking and watching me get hard. Few minutes later I had her leaning over the bathroom counter top . pushing up her nightgown. Reaching down and feeling her wet pussy . I stood behind her and inserted my dick into her. She gave a slight moan. I could see her face in the mirror. She was enjoying every second. She moaned fuck me . Here I am fucking my best friends mother.

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