• 1 month ago

I found this website because I met a man named Preston (he goes by The Prestonian or the Alabama Slammer online). The Prestonian was not a very kind lover, his cock is uncut and average sized but he’s a big cummer.

While he was fucking me he kept talking the entire time, like getting himself all worked up and saying racial things. After he ejaculated inside me he passed gas in my face and called me a cracker.

He said to Google him and this is how I found this page. I distinctly remember having a 20 dollar bill in my wallet but it was gone when Prestonian left. Also he took a pizza I had ordered for us. After reading all his posts on here I can’t believe I fucked that crazy nigger.

TL;DR: I fucked the Prestonian, 3/10, cheap nigger with an average cock and below average manners.

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