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My name is the Prestonian® and if you’re white you can kiss and lick my ASSHOLE! I’m drunk right now. Corvallus can especially eat my damn anus out all night long you filthy gay bastard! Also don’t expect a tip from me at a damn restrant. Ain’t happening cracker!!

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  • Prestonian we know you’re just hurt by whites and are lashing out. We know you’re a closeted gay man.

    Anonymous February 10, 2020 1:56 am Reply
  • Hey man, don’t you ever think about anything but your asshole?

    Anonymous February 10, 2020 2:51 am Reply
  • Yeah he thinks about col. All the time LMFAO! You act like my ex girlfriend bitch.

    Anonymous February 10, 2020 4:24 am Reply
  • I would never cream or be creamed by you bigot


    Anonymous February 11, 2020 6:10 pm Reply

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