• 7 months ago

I’m a cute Vietnamese girl who is visiting the US. I’ll also vacation in Canada and the UK.

The guys all give me the looks and some whistle or make remarks. I get approached all the time. If only they knew the truth.

The truth is that my Grandmother told me about how she fought against the invaders in the Vietnam war. She used to torture the US soldiers, and oh my …the things that she did to them. It would shock you, but I found it really entertaining. Sometimes she tortured them to get information. Sometimes she tortured them for revenge. Sometimes it was to lure other soldiers out in the open.

She would take a team of snipers and a prisoner near a US base camp at night. They were close enough that they could hear the screams of the prisoner. She would inflict pain like breaking one of his fingers every hour. He would scream and cry out for help but anyone who tried to find him would be eliminated by a sniper.

It unnerved the US soldiers. Every hour, like clockwork, they would hear the screaming through out the night. Those that rushed out of camp in the morning often walked into bobby traps. My Grandmother had left the area by then.

Breaking fingers was one of the mild things that she did. I can tell you about the other tortures if you really want to know. Just leave a message requesting the details.

She also tortured the US allies like the Canadians, Australians, French and all the other barbarians that invaded our country. You should remember that these were invaders who had no right to enter our country and murder our people.

Some of you might think that the things she did were hideous. I wish I was there to watch. I often think about doing such things.

The really hideous acts were done by the barbarians who bombed us from above, slaughtering our people in mass. Using tanks to crush people alive, and napalm to burn people alive. So what Grandma did was justified and well earned.

Leave a message if you want to know the hideous tortures that Grandma used and that this cute Vietnamese girl would love to do too.

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