• 6 months ago

I went home early from work and didn’t call my wife. When I got home I stripped down and figured why not rub one out. I put ear buds in and found some porn to help things along. I didn’t realize that my wife asked her friend to swing by to walk the dogs. So I’m jacking my cock and the door opens and my wifes friend caught me. I didn’t realize it right away. She apologized, but asked if it was ok to watch me finish. I said as long as you can keep a secret. Well I jerk my cock and keep eye contact with her. I asked her to show me her tits, she pulled her top and bra off. When she started to suck on her nipples I couldn’t hold back. I started to shoot my cum. She said “oh that is so hot.” She dropped to her knees, grabbed my cock licked the tip making me jump around and cum real hard. Then she got up and put her bra and top back on. Then she said that one of these days we’re going to have to fuck. I can’t wait.

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