• 8 months ago

Yo yo PRESTON Manzy AKA the Prestonian AKA Presto Chango AKA big dick nigger PM Back in the house and in full effect! I enjoyed my Thanksgiving by going to skid row and picking up a few white hobos. I told them I’d give them $50 if they let me slam their cheeks.

So I’m pounding away on one of these old boys and just then I feel a fart brewing so I tell one of these boys to lick my ass and I farted right on his mouth. Dig that cracker! Presto did it again!

After i wore my Alabama Black Snake and dropped my load into these dirty hobos I invited these crackers to break bread with me (KFC family meal). A few times during the meal I’d get up and fart in one of their faces and I told them that’s what they get for being racists.

Wonderful Thanksgiving, I really love helping out the less fortunate. I gave them $40 each at the end of the night. Yeah I know I said 50 but that KFC ain’t free and plus gas money. They probably think I’m some cheap nigger but I ain’t, just watch my money.

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