• 8 months ago

We just recently gott’n into bed room play toys. We searched online and decided. We purchased from blush. Battery operated vibrator looks a dick , pink in color and about 10 inches long. One night out of the blue the wife thought I was asleep. I heard some noises . I rolled over and acted like I was still sleeping . She reached up a gotten her vibe and lube . The she slid her underwear off . She turned on her vibe on and massaged her clit. Five minutes into her session she gave a slight moan. She looked over to make sure that she didn’t wake me up. I know from past experiences she squirts when she massages her clit. I know she she good and wet and ready to be fucked. Thinking I was sleeping she raised her knees up for the missionary position. Knees up in the air She then raised her body up . And glided that 10 inch vibe as far in as possible. Then taking very long strokes. She ended up placing her spare hand over her mouth when she orgasm ed . She laid there for a few minutes, Massaging her breasts. Then returned for a second round of self fucking herself with that 10 inch vibe. Finally pulling it very slowly and returning the vibe to to head board of the bed. And going to sleep.

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