• 7 months ago

Last night I cheated on my girlfriend with an ex-girlfriend who I split with after cheating on her with my current girlfriend. I’m scared my ex will tell my girlfriend to fuck our lives up, but then last night my ex was cheating, too – on her now husband, who I work with. She told me last night that her husband doesn’t rim her or fuck her in the ass. Two drinks later I’m rimming her muscly dancer’s butt, and then before I know it my cock is balls deep in it. So fucking good. I would have stayed with her if she wasn’t such an angry woman so much of the time, but wow does my cock ever think I made a mistake! She came like crazy, clenching and pushing back and clawing the sheets, with me up her butt, too, and then I shot what I think must have been a huge load up her butt. A bit of shit on my dick when I pulled out. Going to be interesting seeing her husband at work on Monday!

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