• 8 months ago

I guess you could call this a confession. I really feel no shame about it. I have been married for almost 10 years. Have a decent job lovely wife for kids. I enjoy going on to dating sites signing up making up some good story of why I’m not able to communicate all the time. And I Target ugly and fat females. I know from experience that are ugly fat girl will do almost anything that you want. Their low self-esteem makes them the perfect Target. Show some made up interest in them I don’t just jump straight to sex I like to play with it for a little bit make them think I’m really interested in them. Usually ends with with me getting a bunch of explicit pictures video Etc and all their information name address job. And either just ghosting them after sex are blackmailing them for money. Doing this I have made over 12 Grand in about a month and a half. To get to that point maybe 20-30 bucks is what it cost me.

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