• 8 months ago

I was friends with a couple who moved in together into an expensive place but then she lost her job. He was getting upset about her not paying her half of the bills. I suggested she sell her panties for extra cash but she had trouble finding guys who would pay good money. She asked me to help find guys that would pay better but she said only panty sales and she had to keep all her clothes on.
I told her the only guys I could find wanted to watch her take them off and play with her tits. She met one or two but complained that she needed to do more meetings to make more cash. I told her the only other guys I could find wanted sex. She agreed to only use her mouth for 350… so I lied again and told her I set it up but when no guys showed up she was pissed. I told her she was probably asking too much and she needed to use more than her mouth.
Finally she agreed to 250 but they had to use condoms. So I did the same thing again and she was even more pissed when guys didn’t show up again. She finally agreed to not using condoms and only for 100. She ended up meeting multiple guys and going home to her clueless boyfriend everytime with a stranger’s cum still in her pussy. She never got to know their names or even see them before hand.
The best part is a lot of them really did just want panties or oral and the guys that wanted sex usually wanted to pay more and use condoms. The boyfriend finally got suspicious so she stopped doing it.
The last thing she did was suck and fuck several guys at job interviews to try and get the job.

So I guess my confession is I convinced a normal chick to be a cheap bareback whore.

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