• 7 months ago

Few of us went over to friends house to work on his car. During the time his wife was delivering sandwiches and drinks . While wearing a old Catholic school style outfit. White / black checkered dress. White blouse and not wearing a bra. Jim replied seriously ? She replied just trying to help out here that’s all. We really need to get this engine back together ! Few more beers later . Jim couldn’t see her because the hood was still up. While I standing on the side of the car . I noticed her leaning over on the rear trunk lid . She had unbuttoned the 4 top buttons on this blouse. She was look’n really good. And just smiling. I walked back to get a better look and she revealed and showing me a breast. I looked back to the front of the car nobody noticed anything going on. So I went back checking out the view. Then I noticed she had pulled up her dress and now showing off her bare naked ass to me. Damn said to myself need to check this out . I reached down and slid my hand to the front . She didn’t try to stop me . She was cleanly shaved . I started rubbing that pussy down . Few minutes later I positioned myself behind her. Unzipping my fly and pulling out my rock hard cock. I penetrated that willing hole. She pushed back . Very quietly I pounded her . Eventually coming. I gently pulled out and returned my dick to my pants. Walked back to the front of the car . Then looked back and she threw me a kiss.

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