• 8 months ago

When I was younger my dad was still around I went out and I sat next to him on the couch in the den and nobody else was home. I looked at him and I told him Dad I need to tell you something. So he scooted up right next to me and said what are you have to tell me. I said I noticed that you and Mom haven’t been having sex lately and I was just wondering if I could help you. He said you and I i said yea. He looked at me I said what are you going to do so I ended his pants put my hand down in his underwear and I pulled his cock out started playing with him. And I leaned over and I started sucking on him and then he laid back into the cop so I stood up took off all my clothes I was just underwear can I took off my dad’s shorts and his underwear off and I got between his legs down in front of him. I started sucking on him again and he got extremely hard. I looked up at him and I told him I need you to fuck me and come inside of me. I stood up and I went down on the other side of the couch and I opened up my legs and told him he needed tl cum nside me. He did. I had my dad stay inside of me till he got real small. We made out for about an hour after that.

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