• 7 months ago

Past Saturday night, wife and myself went to a party. Our children had put this event on. So . it was a much younger group. Many of us sat outside around the bonfire talked and drank. Few hours into this party wife was feeling little spunky. She was sitting next to some guy half her age and plus some. I watched her feel his crouch area and feeling around for his dick . She finally located it and giving him a good rub down. He got the message and took her hand and lead her into the house. I decided to follow . Sure enough he took her into a bedroom. Didn’t take very long and I heard her say fuck me with that young dick of yours. They weren’t being very sneaky . He went full tilt banging her like she was 16 . I knew the layout of the bedroom . After few minutes I peaked in at the right time. He released and she was telling him all about his warm load filling her pussy. I watched him left her legs over his shoulders. He returned and fucked her again. After the second fuck I heard her say lets get back to the party . I didn’t want to get caught so I gently closed the door.

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