• 7 months ago

Two days ago I left true confession about being fully dressed in female attire while my fiancee wasn’t home. Today I did the same thing but with one huge difference. My fiancee has a dildo that can be attached to the wall. I took it, attached it to the wall in the bathroom and start playing with it fully dressed as a female slut, pretty much everything except the wig and makeup. I had the most powerful orgasm in my entire life without even touching my penis! It just “leaked” and it felt soooooo good. I screamed like a whore and felt so sexy and fulfilled.
My fiancee still has no clue about about my feminine side but soon I’ll start slowly revealing it to her some small details. Than I’ll see whether she’ll accept that or we’ll part our ways. If she accepts, I’ll tell her pretty much everything. Her close-mindedness is the main barrier why I keep it a secret from her. Btw, I’m not gay. I just occasionally like to be a submissive slut who dreams about being pegged by a woman – like Lance Hart, except men do not interest me at all.

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