• 7 months ago

Invited to a time change party / bonfire at our neighbors. Wasn’t sure. At the last moment decided what the hell ? Packed a few snacks and bottle of rum. All age groups. Singles to married couples. Tried to blend in the best I could. Made my way though the dinner line. Found a place to sit around the fire. Talked to a few people and made some new friends. The rum took over I got little overly friendly. Talking to this guy, I knew he was younger , no much younger. Figured what the hell, kick back and relax. Right ? Finally getting late and my drinks really taking over. Thinking yeah get your butt home. Told my new friend nice meeting him. He said hey let me drive you home ? I replied oh I’m just 4 doors down. Well then I’ll walk you home. He walked me home. At the front door I thought it would be our good byes for the night. But it wasn’t. He took me into his arms and gave me a kiss goodnight. I kissed him back and the rum took over. Few more kisses I told him you know you shouldn’t be driving. You wanna stay the night ? He replied sure. We hardly had the door closed we were back making out again. We barely made it to my bedroom dressed . We both knew what we wanted to do ! We didn’t even take the time to pull the covers back. Just jumped in and started making out. Lots of four play . Finally he pulled himself on top of me. And penetrated my willing body.Told him to fuck me. Wrapped my legs around him and pushed back on his thrusting . Few minutes later he asked if he should pull out on his release ? I just smiled back told him i was past that age . Make that delivery. He released his load . I raised my legs over his shoulders then looked straight at him and said fuck grand ma again . Sure enough he gave it to me again. Before he left I sucked his dick. I think we both found new friends’

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