• 8 months ago

last night I went out dressed as a woman. sexy tight skirt, tight to to show off my breasts over the knee socks… I took extra care to make sure I was as passable as possible. hairless, arched brows.

I met a man and we hit it off, he took me to his place where I laid him down on the bed and put him in my mouth. after a while I slid up his body and rod him for what felt like a wonderful eternity.

he rolled me on my back whre I spread my legs for him. He slowly entered me and the pace increased until he bury him self as deep as he could with 5 or 6 deep hard thrusts. as he pulled out a thick string of his seed went across my thigh onto my stockings.

I clean his cock up orally then we parted ways. when I got home I was shaking in the inside and laid down on my bed.

when I went to get a shower I saw may cum stained panties from leaking and the hard bit. I got so excited again I put it in my mouth. I will save these panties and stockings forever as a memory of when I decided to truly become who I have wanted to become… a woman

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