• 8 months ago

Oh boy was I a lucky man yesterday, but I do confess I feel a bit guilty know. We are having lovely weather here in the south of England at the moment so we went to the coast yesterday. We went to a nice restaurant that is on the third floor of a building literally at the back of the beach with a big outside deck area. Anyway, we had lunch and then got coffee and my wife said it would be nice to go and sit by the sea on the lower deck so we went down. There was a young couple sitting there having drinks and she was gorgeous and I do mean gorgeous. Tall, slim, long brown hair and wearing a short sun dress.
Don’t worry I will get to the good bit…………
When we finished our coffee my wife said she would like another so I got up to go get them, by pure coincidence the young lady got up at the same time and just got to the steps before me and started going up which left me walking up after her. Oh my god the view was amazing! The breeze lifted her dress and I just had a perfect view of those wonderful legs and her bum. I could see the way her cheeks moved as she took the steps and right into the crack of her amazing arse. It was just mind blowing and she couldn’t do anything about it because she had a glass in each hand.
When we got to the top of two flights of metal stairs we both walked to the counter and she ordered her drinks. She then turned to me and said ‘I guess you got a good view ‘ I said well yes I did but it was beautiful, you made an old mans day’. What I really wanted to say was are you wearing any underwear because I certainly couldn’t see it, it looked like you were naked under that dress.
Just a fabulous experience and just to make it even better I know her name, it’s Rachel.

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