• 8 months ago

I’m male, I let my female neighbor and her friend, finger my anus outside by the pool! I can’t believe I agreed to it. They had a Cosmo article out that said something about guys liking that, and asked me “Do you like this?” and I said I think I’d probably like it but I’ve never had someone do that to me, to which they said “well, would you like to?” Next thing I know, I was totally naked and they were slipping their fingers in/out of me and laughing and having a great time at my embarrassed expense! I even let them take pictures as long as my face wasn’t in them. They were taking pictures of each other’s face with my genitals and anus in the pic, with their finger(s) in me. I still can’t believe I did this. I’m embarrassed every time I see them I think of it, but I’m still glad I did it. I did it thinking – OMG, I’m going to have to write this at simplyconfess!

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