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First paragraph of an article on PINKVILLA about emotional infidelity. I’ll be the first to admit I am guilty as hell of making women who are taken, engaged, married fall hard enough for me that they eventually need to separate themselves from me. It’s not me getting too clingy, or that kmmd of shit either, some of the most normal relationships I’ve had are these kinds of relationships, they are never spoken about, we don’t discuss us or our feelings, it’s just there and it’s deep Eventually they clue into it and break up with me probably because they are getting scared about what it means, maybe they read this article. I’m like that. I get women, lots of women like that, it’s my personality. Interesting stuff, but the thing about this is it effects me in negative ways too. Not the separation, or the breakup, I’m absolutely cool with that I never give enough or feel enough of me to lose anything. It makes me go “Jesus fucking Christ…. these are “good girls”. I read their posts in places and they hold their boyfriend and loyalty high, but if I was their boyfriend, and I knew about us… I would immediately break up with her….” It kills my faith in the loyalty of pretty much every woman out there.

Here’s the first few pragaraphs

Ever heard of emotional infidelity? THESE are the signs of emotional cheating
If your relationship is in an emotional turmoil and you feel like your partner is cheating on, but just can’t seem to understand how or with whom, chances are that your partner could be having an emotional affair
Written By Janvi Manchanda Mumbai Updated: August 6, 2019 10:29 AM 124528 reads 0 comments
Ever heard of emotional infidelity? THESE are the signs of emotional cheating
Infidelity is not always physical. We focus a lot on physical infidelity but we manage to forget or rather ignore emotional infidelity. We let it slide because we think its probably nothing or it is just in our heads but is it all that it is? There is no going back from emotional infidelity. Your partner can regret and apologize and you can work and fix your relationship after physical infidelity but what do you do after your partner falls for someone else? How can anyone fix that? You cannot force someone to change who they love or how they feel. If you feel that your partner may be more than just friends with someone, it’s better to know what to look out for rather than making wrong judgments. There is a very thin line between friendship and emotional infidelity. Here are some signs that help you know when this line gets blurry or is crossed.

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