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I’m not that other dude or woman one this page who meets up with various people for different level of sex and is impotent.

I am not that person, but I’m the impotent 45 year old. No doubt my sperm levels are next to nil, but I am super functional. That I know. I don’t know if it was the weed l switched up for my usual sativa and tried out an indica for a change, but I was sitting here yesterday, hornet as fuck, pretty much a perma boned thinking about smelling this one chicks feet. Just hard as a rock non stop. It was like I imagine Viagra to be.

That’s when you basically use me like a dildo ladies. Even that’s rare though, where I have pretty much a 2 hr perma boner at the thought of something like smelling her feet. As soon as I even remotely thought about it.

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