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Im 15, he’s in his 30s

Anyways, he took one of the vibators that was on the table and he used it on me while eating me out, it felt so good I couldn’t breathe, I was moaning so much, he had to stop and and he took my panties and put it in my mouth and he also tied my hands to the bed, ooooh, it felt so weird being restrained and I couldn’t speak but my pussy was arching for more.

And that was the day I was at his house, (I’m a virgin while he isn’t obviously, and hes very sexual and has a high sex drive that’s what he told me) he doesn’t want to take my virginity yet because he wants to make sure I’m ready for it so he prepares me, he eats me out, and does other sexual things to me, 🥰 (I feel lucky).

I’m falling for him so much but I’m too young for him, sometimes I feel like he deserves someone who can satisfy his needs and who is around his age but he reminds me that I’m all he needs! 🥰🥰

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