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Wild Night in Vegas… male, 30’s, went to Las Vegas with 2 of my platonic female neighbors, and their friend, who I had never met (she was cute). We were joking about “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” on the way there but then it kept coming up. They ended up telling me that their friend would give me a BJ – but I had to get 5 complete strangers to sign my dick! I said “how am I supposed to do that? I’ll get arrested or kicked out at least!” My neighbors said they’d help solicit the girls and say I lost a bet or something and the strangers would feel safe knowing there are girls there. So, we set out with felt tip pen! Ended up approaching women in hallway, elevators, pool area, exercise facility. My heart was racing. And yeah, it was easy to find women that were glad to sign my cock, and they were laughing, and taking pictures too (I didn’t allow any pics with my face!) I’ve never felt so naked. I mean, yeah, I enjoyed it but it was embarrassing. I sometimes lost my erection and they’d be laughing and twirling it around. (It was much easier to sign when hard). At the end of the night, my neighbor’s friend didn’t quite follow through on the BJ, but I got a hand job – and it was in front of all 4 of them! They still have the pictures/videos and it didn’t just stay in Vegas – they showed them to a couple other neighbors when we got back home.

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