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I’m sorry if this is long but I need to get this off my chest. There’s also a few things that I only remember bits and pieces of so those will be at the bottom after the main part. A few days ago I went drinking with a friend K and her other friend’s house A. We had went swimming in a creek behind her house and we decided to stay in our bathing suits afterwards since it didn’t really matter anyway. A decided to invite over a guy L. Well A was quite a bit older than me and K so obviously L was going to be older. Well by the time he showed up I was already shit faced and he had dab. I of course hit it so I was even more fucked up. We all ran around talking and having fun for a few hours(being completely honest I don’t remember much from that night). At some point me and K ended up in the kitchen with L, since we were all pretty drunk we were all pretty horny too. I’m not sure where A was at the time but L and her had a pretty long history and they were about to end up back together again. I’m not exactly sure how it started but I remember L telling me and K to get on our knees. We took turns sucking and I think we even kissed. He told us to stand up and bend over the counter, we both complied. He took turns fucking both of us and I was a virgin up until that point. He also only put it in both holes. Anal hurt really bad but I was too drunk to tell him no. When he got done he asked who was going to catch it then told both of us to get on our knees. It didn’t taste bad but I for some reason felt the need to spit it out. We walked out of the kitchen and I remember him telling us to never talk about that again. We laughed and agreed. I don’t remember much else from the night but I remember when I was laying on the couch right before I passed out he stuck his fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them. He tried to put his dick in my mouth too and even though I kind of wanted to I was too tired and I passed out. The next day I remember wanting to go home but I was hungover so I still wasn’t feeling like myself. We woke up the next morning and went all over the town. We left A’s house at like 7 and didn’t get back till like 3. We went swimming when we finally did get back and L goes “fuck it who wants to go on a beer run with me?” We all wanted to go of course, but since we live in a dry county it was about a 45 minute drive to the nearest liquor store. Being completely honest L was the only one old enough to buy alcohol so we sat in the car and waited. He bought a type of vodka called hypnotic and some tequila. On the way back we stopped for food since we knew we were about to get even more messed up that day. We got back and he put it all in the freezer then we all sat on the porch for awhile. He got his dab back out and he let me hit it, meaning I was fucked up before the we even drank. Well the bottle finally got cold enough so we started with hypnotic. We passed the bottle around then decided to go swimming again. Nothing important enough to mention really happened while we were swimming so I’ll move on. After swimming I drank even more hypnotic and I’m pretty sure I drank about half the bottle by myself. We all went into the kitchen and L finally got out the tequila. He had these little plastic shot glasses and he filled 4 of them up. K and A didn’t want any so we drank 2 shots a piece and I drank another one right after. I went inside to sit down and I sat on the end of a fully reclined chair. That was the chair that L had mainly been sitting on and when he came back in he sat in the chair behind me. K and A also came back in and we had a nice conversation. At some point K and A went into the back room leaving me and L alone in the living room. After a few minutes he started rubbing the bottom left of my back and it honestly felt nice. He took his hand and rubbed it up my back and into my hair. That’s one of my turn ons so I moaned a little and looked at him. He just smiled and I turned back around. He sat up then got in my face to kiss me. He sat back behind me, ran his hand up my back again, and this time he chocked me(another turn on). He got in front of me again and asked if I wanted another kiss. I nodded my head as our lips me and he put his tongue in my mouth. He stood up and helped me up too. He led me into the kitchen then he let go to go glance around the corner to make sure K and A were still there. He walked back to me and came behind me giving me a backwards hug. He whispered in my ear “do you want to feel it again” and I nodded my head. He asked if I was sure so I nodded my head again. He said “tell me you’re sure” so I looked at him and said I’m sure. He then grabbed my hand and led my hand down his pants moving it so that I was stroking it. He then we back to check the corner and told me to go over there with him. I did then he looked at his dick asking me to suck it so I got on my knees and I did. After a minute of doing that he tapped my head and helped me up. He told me to turn around and I did. He pulled down my bathing suit bottoms and tried to do anal with me again but this time I told him not there. So he didn’t and he fucked me hard. It hurt but it didn’t at the same time. At one point I said ow and at the same time he glanced around the corner again, pulled out, pulled my pants up and told me to go sit in the living room so I did. L A and K all went outside while I sat on the couch dazed. L came in and told me that we can’t do that anymore but A wants to fix things between them and that he was really sorry he led me on. I completely understood and was fine with that. He then said that we can still hang out and stuff so I said okay and smiled. Then he said come on come hang out outside, he helped me up again and we went outside. We all sat outside talking for forever and at some point I walked down the road with L. He kept apologizing for the whole A thing and for taking my virginity. He was afraid that he hurt me too bad and I told him he was fine. He also told K that he probably shouldn’t have done that because of how big he is. While we were walking though he told me that I was honestly one of the hottest girls he had ever met and that he wished that I was a bit older. I told him when my birthday was and what age I’d be and he said he’d have to come back to me if him and A don’t work. He told me I was beautiful so many times. When we got to the end of the road I remember him taking my hand to run against him again and he stuck his hand down my pants and started fingering me. We stopped as soon as A started walking up the road. I felt kind of weird that right after he told me he couldn’t anymore he continued anyways. That was the last sexual encounter I remember from that day. The next morning I woke up because he had rubbed his hand down my inner thigh. He put a finger over his mouth so I nodded my head. He then started fingering me and he’s actually really good at it. I think things would’ve gone further but A woke up. I tried to go back asleep but the house was really cold so I got up and put clothes on ( I was still wearing my bathing suit). I went outside to sit after that and L said he really doesn’t remember anything. Then I laughed and said I remember trying to argue with him about dying his hair and his eyes almost popped out of his head. He goes “I dyed my hair” then ran to the bathroom yelling what the fuck. Everyone in the house dyed their hair red except for me. Then he came out and said he remembered everything and that I told A. At that moment I knew I fucked up and I felt horrible. When A came back from feeding the chickens I had my head in my hands and she asked what was wrong. I told her sorry so many times and she wasn’t really mad. Like she knew I wouldn’t have if I was sober and the same goes for him. I was really upset though she kept telling me it was okay and I told her she was the coolest person I had ever met and I was super glad I met her. I’m still hungover (no headache or anything but I still feel drunk) and this was 2 days ago

On to the small details that I remember:
L hurt his back really bad like it completely popped out of place. I’ve never seen someone hurt so bad. Me and K had to help him pop it back in.
He told us at one point that he knew every sex position and something else that I don’t remember.
He’s a model and he definitely has the body for it.
I fell a lot the first night and laughed so much. I felt like such a burden to them. I have a lot of bruises from falling.
At some point I mentioned that I had never had a hicky so L and K had a contest to see who could leave a better one. L sucked on my neck really hard and even bit down making it even worse. When he was finally done he had blood on his tongue. Through this experience I learned that he used to practice vampirism. At some point I also learned that he was a sadist and a masochist. A asked what that meant. I explained sadist to her and he explained masochist. I told him him I was both of those too and that biting was my biggest kink.
We talked about bdsm and fifty shades of grey at one point too. L hates it because it’s fake but me and K were explaining why we liked it even though we knew it was fake. I mean it’s sexy and that’s what we told him we know it’s fake because we’re both into it. He was like “ it’s more of a lifestyle than completely sexual” he was explaining that it’s more saying that you’re going to be there to protect each other and fulfill each other’s needs. I said that I actually feel bad for the people who get into it and think it’s all sexual. L was like so many people do and even though there is sex and it’s fun that’s not all that it is. We both understood that too.
L said he was going to record us the second night because we were funny as fuck and apparently we all make noises in our sleep. I was all for him recording stuff but he said that that would be a bad idea because some things don’t need to be remembered. We were like yeaaa that’s true. He goes I don’t know though do you know how much money one video with 3 people make on pornhub? I don’t remember the amount but it was a lot. A came out and he mentioned the price of 4 people to her and she was like holy shit guys take of your clothes. Drunk me was so up for it as long as our faces weren’t shown….I have no idea why.
I scared the shit out of A and K once because I sat on the porch railing and leaned backwards till I was as far back as I could go. L was like fuck yeah I wanna do that. So I said do you wanna do it together? So I scooted down and we both leaned back while K and A called us crazy.
L said he had met me before with another girl when they still hung out. I sort of remember that but I don’t at the same time.
Me and L talked a lot about Harry Potter because he had Harry Potter gauges. Including that they were making another series with the kids and they’re going to bring back Harry’s parents because they have a spell for it and they learn that they were death eaters. I said they probably did what snape did and tried to escape the death eater life and that’s why he killed them. Harry also finds out that he’s not as powerful without the Voldemort trying to kill him. I said that everything happens for a reason and he shouldn’t have brought them back. We talked Harry Potter theories for a while.
At one point he said he felt bad for taking my virginity and I said I shouldn’t have said anything…he then told me that he could feel my hymen rip….weird
L jumped up and started doing weird exercises on the porch ceiling and A said something so he was like I’ll pee on you A! She goes no that shits gross and I’m not in to it. I was like ya know piss play isn’t that bad when you know there’s shit play and A was like “2 girls 1 cup” I go fuck that that’s the grossest video I’ve seen in my entire life I’d rather watch 1 man 1 jar. I can handle blood and gore but I can’t handle shit. Then L brought up something about how to reverse someone’s asshole. He was like for a girl you stick it in the vagina then quickly pull out stick it in their ass pull out and punch their head. We were all like what the shit and he goes ya know you can die from that. Weirdest shit ever.
I called him a pab (pussy ass bitch) the second time we went swimming because he didn’t go in and he goes “at least I’m not a spitter” I said “shut up I barely remember that” A didn’t questioned it though which was weird. That’s pretty much all I remember…

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