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So there is this hobo right? And she’s all harrassin people in the parking lot as they’re trying to run to their cars and she’s like ‘I need food for my kids!’ so my guy and I discussed and we’re like ‘Okay would you like a pizza?’ There was a pizza place like just a few shops down and they sell big pizzas for 5$. So she’s all ‘Anything would help’ So we go get her a pizza and we come back around to where she is, and I roll down the window as we pull up to her and say kinda sing-songy ‘Delivery~’ while holding out the pizza to her. She legit gives me this dead ass stare for a couple seconds, then looks over to my guy and just goes, ‘bless you’. LMAO BITCH! I was just in the zone okay, I wasn’t trying to be mean to you, heck we’re driving up and giving you a damn pizza, you don’t gotta look at me like I just ate your babies or something. Shit! I dunno, it was freaking hot out, and the pizza was hot, and she was just not in the mood and I get it, it sucks out there. But bitch like really??? Get outta here with that attitude

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