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Last week I found my son’s thumb drive in his bedclothes. I looked at it on my computer and found it was full of incest porno. Specifically mother and son incest. Photos, films, cartoons, stories, everything. And one folder had pictures of me taken while I was asleep with my nightgown pulled up, including some showing sperm on me, like he had been masturbating on me. I didn’t expect a boy who’s still in middle school to be up to that sort of thing.

I thought I had a perfect way to get him to stop this. My ex-husband always said I was cold and unresponsive during sex, that I had no real sex appeal. So I told Kevin that I found his drive and looked at it. I asked Is this what you really want? He didn’t answer, he just looked embarassed. I told him that if he really wanted that he could do it that night. I figured one quick embarassing fuck with me just lying there and he would be over this fetish. Actually I thought he might be to emvbarrassed to take me up on it.

I miscalculated. He didn’t care. He had sex with me eight times that night, five normally and three anally, something I didn’t even imagine. And I came three times, and I had never come during sex before. At the end we were actually french-kissing.

Now we’re having sex several times every day. We’ve had sex in every room. And I’m actually enjoying it. We’ve even given each other oral sex, and I never sucked a man before and no one ever licked me before. And it was good.

Kevin is smaller than me because he’s so young but I have no will to resist when his cock is erect and he pulls my clothes off. God help me part of me wants him to get me pregnant immediately so I can make him a father before he becomes a teenager. I had no idea I was like this inside.

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  • hahahahaha fake post. and if not fake then its okay cuz you’ll be perfect for Jerry Springer.

    Anonymous June 19, 2019 4:05 pm Reply
  • Only an idiot would believe this post is “real”.

    Anonymous June 19, 2019 5:39 pm Reply
  • this is the same person who said he fantasized about his mom

    Anonymous June 20, 2019 7:35 am Reply

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