• 1 year ago

Hey, I’m back. Where was I? Oh yea, white women also give birth to the most retards. I mean white people in general are retarded but I mean like, retard retards. White people genes are extremely old because a lot of them wait until like 38 to have kids which means the babies are inheriting 38 year old genes, which creates retards & whatnot, rare cancers & disease only white people get. Another thing is all the incest going on in Alabama. What a hell of a state to ban abortions, am I right? Haha. The future of the white race isn’t looking too hot. I imagine some white women will be responsible & just refrain from sex all together which would ultimately create an influx of rape. Because white boys sure do like their rape. But then who knows what the real numbers are because white lie a lot. Welp, this has been another episode of My Little Thoughts, join me next time where I discuss other follies of the white race which can all be chalked up to just plain ol karma.

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