• 1 year ago

They banned abortion bc white people birth rates are so low, they’ll be exinct in the next 200 years. White girls are whores & start having sex at 13 so they wont be able to keep their legs closed, plus they utilized abortions the most with help of their whore mothers unbeknownst to the dad. Poor guys think their lil girls are sweet lil angels, lol wait til they find out mommies been helping her get abortions this entire time because you know moms a whore too. They also lead the nation in teen pregnancies. It’s going to be a whole lot more. And white men really don’t like children of their own, I mean they like fucking children, but being a dad to one isn’t really their cup o tay. They’ll get vasectomys or murder their pregnant girlfriends like they always do. Some white giys may even cum in a bitch as revenge lolol. They’ll be chugging little white babies out the window to their deaths without any consequence. We’ve all seen it too many times where some white girl threw her lil baby down the toilet & go off. The opioid OD states will be quite the spectical. See, every other race has gone through these hash times & pretty much have been operating as if abortions were not available anyway. So this isn’t news to them. Welp, those were my lil thoughts. I’ll be back.

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