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Day before yesterday I confessed to my crush and he said he’s open to the idea of “us”! I asked him if he wanted to go somewhere sometime and he was said sure! At that moment I was beyond happy cause I’d been waiting for that for so long.
How it happened: I was at my school dance and I texted him and was like why aren’t you here and he told me he was lonely. Note: we’d been pretty g friends but he’s in the year above me. So I told him that someone likes him and at first he wasn’t open to the idea of dating someone in a lower year but I managed to convince him to give it a shot. Then, after much questioning, I confessed. I basically said ok it’s me and he was like oh. Then he said he kinda knew and then I asked if we could still be friends. This is when it gets spicy. He says that he’s open to the idea but we can’t make it public and my dumbass is like of what??? And then he says “us” and that’s when I’m fucking dyingggg. Then I’m like OMG REALLY and he says sure. Then I ask him if he wants to go somewhere sometime and he’s like sure but I’m busy this week and next week and I’m like same (cause I didn’t want to seem like a desperate loner and I actually had some stuff to do).Then we talk a bit more and apparently he knew I liked him for a week lmao (I’ve liked him ever since December btw and I liked him a little last yr too). Then the next morning after a while he texts me first for once and we talk for a long time again but he doesn’t have as much interest after a while so I leave it and today I asked him if he had discord and hes like yeah are you on the school chat and I’m like no not yet but I’m (insert username). It was the same username as my insta (where we text) and he left me on seen so I thought that it wasn’t specific enough so I said “on discord” but then he was active 2 hrs ago even tho I sent the text 7 hrs ago so rip me. I really hope things go well between us, though. I really like him and he’s the first boy I’ve fully trusted with everything. My depression, anxiety, and bisexuality. He told me I could tell him anything and if I needed anything I should just ask. He also started confiding in me too but there was an emergency so he couldn’t fully explain. Any advice on what to do now? I have school tomorrow and I’ll see him but I have no clue on what to do now 🙁
I love himmmmmmmm so much ughhhh

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  • Oh, good luck! I hope everything works out!

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 1:22 am Reply
  • When you’re alone, brush your hand up against his crotch or where his bulge would be, just gently, mistakenly and say you’re sorry. Tease the f out of him.

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 3:11 pm Reply

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