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I miss her…

We met at one of my previous jobs. I’m married, so I wasn’t trying to get involved, but we did. I really feel like we loved each other at one point. We slept together multiple times, and I always pulled out…except for that last time.

She rode me. My goodness, it felt so good to be inside of her when she was bouncing up & down on me. I always pulled out. Always. So I told her I was about to cum. She didn’t allow me to pull out…she sat on my hard, cumming dick, and I gave in. I filled her with my seed, and I can still remember the look of satisfaction on her face.

A couple of weeks later, she left our employer. I never saw her again. But the rumors I heard from the other women in her department mentioned that she was pregnant.

So, somewhere in the world, I may have a child that I’ll never meet. It’s hard to be proud and sad at the same time. Honestly, I want to make a baby with someone that won’t disappear on me. I want a child so badly.

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  • Stupid that’s what u get for cheating. U ass wipe. Go get put on ur dipers and cry somewere

    Anonymous April 14, 2019 5:24 am Reply

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